Marketing Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Today we will talk about marketing your carpet cleaning business. This guide assumes you already know your target market and the market conditions. We will cover seo services for carpet cleaners and more.

Now that you have an overview of your customers and market conditions, you can clean up your plan. This plan needn’t be a formal document, but should at least consist of a written outline to share with outside consultants and to refer to later. Your marketing plan should cover:

  • A summary of your market position and goals.
  • A definition of what you expect to accomplish in a specific time period (e.g: “We will clean 150 carpets by the fourth quarter.”)
  • A list of target markets, including segmentation and niche areas
  • An appropriate strategy for each segment or market.
  • Expenses and resources, and how they will be allocated.
  • Marketing channels. This is where you choose the types of marketing materials and distribution vehicles that you will use to attract target customers, including flyers, postcards, email marketing, newsletters, social media marketing, marketing blogs, Web site and more.
  • Competitive strategies. How will you respond to your competitors, for example, if a competitor lowers his price? Ranks higher than you on search engines, hires a professional marketing consultant, etc…

Step 5: Track your marketing results

Include benchmarks in your marketing plan. Use these benchmarks to take stock of whether your carpet cleaning marketing efforts are paying off or if you should rethink your approach. Calculate the category and cost of marketing communications and compare with set specific sales forecasts.

Carpet cleaning earch engine optimization efforts, check how the campaign is going by creating an analytics account that includes specifics of each step a customer takes on your website to identify your customers movements on your marketing blogs pages and where they’re finding you the most. Also make sure to include plans for implementation or a carpet cleaning marketing calendar. Plans are great, but if you don’t also designate responsibility, set deadlines and hold people accountable, marketing efforts can’t succeed.

Finally, Markets change all the time and you must be ready to take advantage of any trends or news events that could bring your cleaning business greater exposure. Make sure to review the plan every six months at last to see if you must revisit any goals or make new ones.

“The benefits of marketing yourself can save you a lot of money in the short term. But eventually you have to ask yourself if your time is better spent making money and doing what you do best… or learning the ins and outs of a constantly changing and challenging industry like carpet cleaning marketing is.”

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